Aerospace & Simulation

Guandu designs and integrates affordable customer-specified custom cylindrical, panoramic and spherical projected display solutions for commercial and government customers in the visualization, and simulation and training markets.

Dedicated to delivering best of breed technology from our broad base of technology partnerships, our display solutions are ideal environments for the simulation of highly immersive experiences including flight, driving, ground combat, marine, situational awareness, or any other civilian, government or military operations that benefit from either a panoramic or completely immersed presentation of the activity.

Immersion is the goal. Putting three flat panel monitors on a desk will show computer imagery, but is anything but immersive. The user is continually aware of individual windows attempting to represent the virtual environment. In comparison, each ImmersiveDesktop allows the user to be truly immersed in the virtual world and focus on the mission at hand. Geometrically accurate, high pixel-density images allow you to see and analyze visual data as never before.

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