PROJECTION ON A BALL. Science On a Sphere® (SOS) is a worldwide display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data on a sphere. An effect similar to that of a huge animated globe is created. Scientists at NOAA have developed Science On a Sphere® technology that helpspeople of all ages tovisualize the   Earth System . The sphere can display animated images of atmospheric storms, climate change and ocean temperature, complex environmental processes, and other planets and their properties in an intuitive and captivating way. Science On a Sphere® extends the goals of NOAA's education program. It aims to increase the understanding of the processes and phenomena occurring on Earth, in the oceans, in the atmosphere and in space. Having vast experience and knowledge about the Earth, the Earth's oceans and atmosphere, NOAA uses Science On a Sphere® as a tool to complement educational programs in science centers, universities, theme parks, and natural museums around the world.

Projection onto the sphere is carried out by mapping the image onto the surface of the sphere through four data / video projectors and dedicated software. This software is implemented by a specialized media server.


The projection inside the sphere is realized in the technology of rear projection onto an acrylic ball or a spherical inflatable balloon through a dedicated hemispherical lens placed under the sphere "at the South Pole". A special algorithm renders the images observed and prepared on a flat rectangular screen in o a spherical form. The balls can be made standing on a pedestal or suspended from the ceiling. The sizes of the balls vary in the following ranges: from 60 cm for acrylic balls to even several meters for inflatable models.
In contrast to SOS technology, we have the option of approaching the ball directly and touching its surface. In the interactive version, we can navigate and operate the applications by touch. It gives fantastic effects and makes the display much more attractive.

A unique product for corporate advertising, trade fairs, education (e.g. as a virtual globe or mini-planetarium).