Interactive sphere

Spherical screen projection screen

  • Model:

Guandu  design and develop Spherical Display for thedisplay of digital content outside of the confines oftraditional flat screen media. 

Our range of spherical display systems Images can be rotated, turned or tilted or you can immediatley jump to any point on the planet.

let youdeliver a 360 video simply and quickly across arange of commercial and artistic projects.Whether the purpose of entertainment or education, are the highlights.  

Application Areas:

  • Education 

  • museum

  • Exhibition (science museum, planning museum, enterprise exhibition hall)

  • Entertainment 

  • Advertising 

  • Road show and virtual simulation 

  • Conference& meeting

Product Feature:

  1. 360°dynamically display 360°

  2. Interactive multi-touch system on sphere

  3. Rich content:Words, pictures, videos are available, changeable with all format

  4. Easy operation and low energy consumption

  5. Widely used in the education, exhibition, advertising, entertainment