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Planetarium video

2020-12-21 13:39:12

The Digital Planetarium is an innovative sensory education with fun for kids and teens. Video for planetariums is created in a special FullDome format, which guarantees the effect of complete immersion in what is happening while watching a movie on an inflatable dome. The interest and reaction of children, as well as the success of the business itself, will depend on how high-quality and interesting content for the planetarium its owners have selcted.

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The effect of watching movies in the planetarium

Colorful films with the effect of full presence help children to assimilate information many times better and faster than any other type of educational process. Short videos of 15-20 minutes contribute to a good and deep perception of new data and the development of sensory memory in children.

We suggest evaluating our collection of video content for the mobile planetarium, which will help fill your shows for a children's audience from 3 to 18 years old with unforgettable impressions!