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Portable inflatable planetariums

2020-12-15 15:09:24

The inflatable (school) planetarium is the most popular model of mobile planetariums, used mainly for demonstration of educational and educational films. Such planetariums are intended for indoor use: schools, kindergartens, cultural centers, children's camps, etc.

Advantages of inflatable planetarium:

  • Installation speed: It only takes 2 minutes to install the (inflatable) ball machine,

  • Compactness after folding: It can be put in o a convenient small backpack bag, which is convenient for one person to carry.

  • Mobility: The folded weight of an inflatable dome with a diameter of 5.0 m is 11 to 20 kg,

  • Ease of use: Use a projector and a spherical mirror to display a full dome image,

  • Operational safety: The inflatable dome has no floor and provides an unobstructed emergency exit for people: for this, it is enough to lift its edge.

  • Therefore, in an ordinary gym or any other room, you can not only create an original movie theater, but also a real school planetarium.

Install an inflatable planetarium:

  1. Open the package, unfold the fabric cover, and connect the fan to the casing tube

  2. We connect the blower to the grid. The dome will start to expand and be ready in 2-3 minutes.

  3. To enter the planetarium, please open the zipper. After the planetarium was full of spectators, the "lightning" immediately closed, the dome was fully extended and ready to go.