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Where can I use mobile planetarium and inflatable balls?

2020-12-15 15:47:19

The mobile planetarium adopts the form of inflatable dome and special projection equipment. It is a versatile design and has a wide range of applications. In particular, the digital planetarium has been successfully used in the education, entertainment and marketing industries. Let us consider in more detail how and how to use the portable planetarium for maximum functionality and financial benefits.


  • Education field

In the field of education, inflatable planetariums provide children with visual spatial structures and broad prospects for the study of objects in the sky. Moreover, the portable planetarium can be used as a children's movie theater for showing fascinating movies while providing a wealth of information, especially when shooting in full-screen mode for demonstrations under the dome of the mobile planetarium.

  • Event marketing

The most common use of mobile planetariums is in the field of advertising-the marketing industry has been working hard to surprise the public with new, unusual and eye-catching new things. The inflatable dome with internal screen and full-color projection is guaranteed to arouse the interest of most viewers and help draw attention directly to advertising objects or events. In this case, the folding planetarium of the universal mobile planetarium is ideal for holding premieres and demonstrations, promotions and BTL events, and other spectacular advertising events.

  • Entertainment

Of course, the entertainment circle cannot be placed separately-the mobile inflatable dome and planetarium equipment can be used for direct entertainment purposes. For example, you can display fascinating movie and animation sketches in full screen mode here, hold competitions, contests, etc.

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