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2020-12-09 10:12:49

Shenzhen Guandu is a company mainly engaged in inner pitching, outer pitching, digital planet, popular science digital ball, four-dimensional planet, interactive ball, mobile ball screen theater, ball belt screen, digital planetarium, flying ball screen theater, and exhibition display. In the past years, following the market’s update and iteration, we independently developed and produced negative pressure dome theaters that conform to standardized marketing activities.


Shenzhen Guandu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in early 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise that is positioned as a cross-border and diversified "science, education, entertainment and art". The company focuses on dome theater and digital spherical display products. With the direction of creating a new media visual space + popular science entertainment, we provide comprehensive solutions for science and technology museums, museums, memorials, etc., such as popular science teaching equipment, multimedia interactive exhibitions, theme popular science activities planning, science and technology beauty, and cultural tourism scene applications.